Adam's Dream

Adam's Dream

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Dream Kid Adam

About Adam

Name: Adam

Lives with: Effects of a devastating accident

Referred by: Children's Hospital of Atlanta

Hometown: Villa Rica, GA

Sports Hero: Matt Ryan

Adam is from Villa Rica, Georgia, a city about an hour outside of Atlanta. He lives with his mom and dad and three older siblings and, until a few months ago, he was a healthy, active preteen. He loves playing baseball (Go Braves!) and basketball and some of his favorite things are Minecraft, dogs, Taco Bell, and cheering for the Atlanta Falcons!

In the summer of 2017, Adam was kicking off his school vacation at the lake when he was hit by a jet ski. His accident resulted in a broken femur, a fractured tibia and pelvis, and skin graft on his entire leg. Adam was very fortunate that there were several EMT that happened to be nearby to help with the emergency. Doctors have also told his family that he is fortunate to be alive given the severity of his accident.

After the accident, Adam was admitted to the hospital where he remained for 2 months and had a total of 12 surgeries. Being away from home for so long was hard on Adam but this kid is a fighter! Adam had an amazing Child Life Specialist team, they were by his side providing smiles and encouragement in the midst of some very tough moments. Those friendships helped make this temporary “home” a little brighter!  He gets around using a wheelchair now but he’s training daily, both mentally and physically, so he can one day walk again. Adam’s leg will always carry the reminder of the accident and he may have some limitations in the future but he is working hard and hopeful to overcome any obstacle that comes his way!

Adam has never been to any professional sporting event but he loves gearing up with his Dad and watching the games on TV. When we met Adam and told him that he had been selected as a recipient he was so grateful. He said “thank you” several times that evening! After we left, he watched ALL our Dream Kid videos and even wanted to sleep in his new Falcons hat!

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