Avery's Dream

Avery's Dream

Dream Kid Avery Dream Kid Avery

Dream Kid Avery

About Avery

Name: Avery

Lives with: Leukemia

Hometown: Concord, NC

Hobbies: Reading

Favorite Sport: Soccer

Sports Hero: LA Galaxy

Ten-year-old Concord, North Carolina native Avery Caruso just made her triumphant return to the soccer field after a long break. Like many kids, her team sports were put on the back burner during the pandemic. Unlike most kids, however, Avery was dealing with a pediatric leukemia diagnosis and the treatment that comes with that. Faced with months of intense chemotherapy to treat her Pre B Cell ALL, Avery was most concerned about how long she would be sidelined from soccer.

Avery has kept an incredibly positive attitude throughout her treatment and she embodies the spirit of a true fighter. She has endured the difficult side effects of chemotherapy with a determined smile and drive to stay to active. After her first hospital visit, she asked her family to keep things normal and not treat her like she was sick. She loves Harry Potter, and has been reading the books and watching the movies during her hospital stays. She has a strong family support system that has helped her navigate this challenging time.

With Avery heading into the maintenance phase of her chemotherapy, she will be able to travel safely in the coming months. What better way to celebrate that than a trip centered around her favorite thing? Dream On 3 is thrilled to partner with the LA Galaxy soccer team to give Avery a dream come true this September! She and her family will be traveling to Los Angeles to spend a few days being the VIP guest of the team, and experience many surprises along the way.

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