Banks's Dream

Banks's Dream

Dream Kid Banks Dream Kid Banks

Dream Kid Banks

About Banks

Name: Banks

Lives with: Cerebral Palsy

Hometown: Columbia, SC

Hobbies: Playing Video Games

Favorite Sport: Football & Basketball

Sports Hero: University of South Carolina

Thomas Banks Jones, affectionately known as “Banks”, is a sweet 12-year-old who loves, loves, loves basketball and football! He enjoys playing Madden20 and NBA 2K20 online and his favorite teams to root for are the Carolina Panthers, San Francisco 49ers, LA Lakers, and… his hometown team… the U of SC Gamecocks. The U of SC Collegiate DreamTeam has nominated Banks as their Dream Recipientand they are excited to make his dream come true – to attend a Gamecocks football game in person!

Banks lives with cerebral palsy and uses a walker, but that does not stop him from living his best life. When he is not engaged with football and basketball (either live sports online sports), you may see him digging into a plate of pasta at his favorite restaurant, Olive Garden, studying math and science, or enjoying water activities at a nearby lake.

Banks and his family try not to let his disability limit his quality of life. They are encouraged by his recovery from his recent orthopedic surgery in June and are hopeful that the procedure will allow him to become more independently mobile. Seeing Banks on the sidelines at Williams-Brice Stadium would certainly be a happy sight not just for the entire Jones family, but also for the Collegiate Dream Team, too!

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