Boston's Dream

Boston's Dream

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Dream Kid Boston

About Boston

Name: Boston

Lives with: Severe Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Referred by: Shepherd Center in Atlanta

Hobbies: basketball, football

Favorite Sport: basketball

Sports Hero: Steph Curry

On the day of his high school graduation, Boston Smith, like most other graduates, was thinking of his future of hanging out with friends, going to the lake, joining a fraternity, and attending the University of Tennessee in the fall. Unfortunately, a few weeks after graduation, Boston’s thoughts about his immediate future changed drastically.  Boston was driving when his flip flop lodged itself under the gas pedal. Unfortunately, he was unable to stop and the car crashed into a tree. Boston was in a coma for 4 days, and underwent 2 surgeries at the University of Tennessee.  Boston also sustained a Severe Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).  For the past 5 months, he has been a patient at Shepherd Center in Atlanta, Georgia, where he has undergone 3 more surgeries. Boston also works with therapists a Shepherd to relearn how to talk, eat, and walk. He is scheduled to be discharged on December 21st.

Growing up, Boston was always very athletic and most sports came very easily to him. His true passions, however, are football and basketball.  As a high school football player, Boston’s preferred position was wide receiver, and in basketball, it was guard. More importantly, Boston was adept at 3-point shots and shooting under pressure.  As a result, he was often his team’s go-to player at the end of the game to sink the winning buzzer-beater shot!

Boston’s favorite basketball player is Steph Curry. Boston respects Curry because, “He is a family man with morals, which are reflected in his actions and decisions.” Also, as a basketball player, he is phenomenal; “Curry truly is every position he has ever played and he can shoot the lights out.” Boston dreams of meeting Steph Curry, getting a pair of Steph’s new Under Armor shoes signed and being able to witness the magic and athleticism of his basketball skills live and in person.

Boston is blessed to be surrounded by strong family support of his mom, dad, sister, Kennedy, and Grandma. The community of Gatlinburg, including Richardson Cove Church and Gatlinburg-Pittman High School, have also rallied around Boston and his #BostonSmithStrong5 campaign with endless messages, prayers, and visits. Kennedy’s basketball team wears Boston shooter shirts and Boston’s former football team wears his stickers on their helmets. His mom, Laura, knows that “Boston is and always been a fighter.”  She also knows that “Boston’s recovery, just like the many buzzer-beater shots he delivered, will be on his own time.”

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