Braeden's Dream

Braeden's Dream

Dream Kid Braeden Dream Kid Braeden

Dream Kid Braeden

About Braeden

Name: Braeden

Lives with: Fragile X

Hobbies: motocross

Sports Hero: Adam Cianciarulo

Overcoming obstacles is an area where 16-year-old Braeden Bailey’s has learned to excel. This sweet, loving young man lives with Fragile X syndrome – a genetic disorder that causes multiple developmental problems and learning disabilities. Many of the symptoms mimic Autism. In addition to Fragile X, Braeden possesses social anxiety and sensory issues, therefore he struggles to make friends and being accepted by peers has been difficult. Braeden lives with multiple challenges, but he strives to achieve more despite them! He is currently learning to read and calculate, and enjoys working out, volunteering, and watching JJ Da Boss win street races on the TV Show “Street Outlaw: Memphis”.

One high point in his life is that he is a remarkable driver! Braeden’s father introduced him to dirt bikes at a young age and, since then, Braeden has developed a passion for the sport that surpasses all his other interests. He loves watching races, watching motocross videos, talking about motocross, and… most of all… RIDING! He rides a Honda 85s 3-wheeler, Suzuki LT80 4-wheeler, and a Honda XR80 dirt bike.

Braeden’s sports dream is to attend a motocross event and have the opportunity to meet professional driver, Adam Cianciarulo. Adam shares Braeden’s lifelong love of riding – he has been riding “bikes” since he was 3 and racing since he was 4! Stay tuned for a dream that involves America’s fastest-growing motorsport.

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