Braiden's Dream

Braiden's Dream

Dream Kid Braiden Dream Kid Braiden

Dream Kid Braiden

About Braiden

Name: Braiden

Lives with: partial amputation of his left and right hand

Favorite Sport: football

Sports Hero: Tom Brady

Like many 8-year-old boys, Braiden Brown loves football; especially the six-time Super Bowl Champs, the New England Patriots, and their star quarterback, Tom Brady! One of Braiden’s favorite things in the world is to tease his grandma because she is NOT Patriots fan. Just a little family “ribbing”! Additionally, like many young boys, Braiden wants to grow up and be a police officer, so he can help protect people and keep them safe. The daily supplement of his favorite food, mac and cheese, will help him get big and strong in no time!

Braiden lives with physical challenges that set this young guy apart from his peers – he has endured a tragic lawnmower accident. As a result of the accident, Braiden had to have partial amputation of both his left and right hand leaving just two fingers on each. Additionally, the majority of his left leg was gashed resulting in multiple surgeries and skin grafts to help him heal. Learning to use his new prosthetic hands has been challenging, but this little guy has his sight set on overcoming every obstacle!

Being that Braiden’s accident just happened in March of this year, he has endured a lot both physically and mentally in a very short amount of time. Our hope is that we can show him that despite these life-altering challenges he can continue to dream big and reach his goals!

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