Brandon's Dream

Brandon's Dream

Dream Kid Brandon Dream Kid Brandon

Dream Kid Brandon

About Brandon

Name: Brandon

Lives with: autism, ADHD, and sensory integration disorder

Referred by: InReach

Hometown: Charlotte NC,

Favorite Sport: basketball

Brandon is a bright and talkative 20-year-old from Matthews, NC. After meeting Brandon, we learned very quickly this young man is full of life who absolutely loves sports (including karate and ballroom dancing)! We asked Brandon if he had to pick just one sport which is his favorite and he didn’t hesitate, basketball won hands-down. In fact, Brandon spends a good bit of his time playing basketball. His personal favorite? Shooting three-pointers and rebounding! Brandon believes his love for the game of basketball is a gift from God and that He has placed a fire in his heart for the game. This sport has also created a special bond between Brandon and his dad, they enjoy playing and watching sports together all the time, especially basketball.

Brandon lives with autism, ADHD, and sensory integration disorder. He has overcome several academic and social delays due to autism, however, despite those challenges Brandon is strong, confident, and very social. Brandon has a great support team including his Community Guide at INREACH and his parents – they push him to succeed and motivate him to the next level. Their help combined with his great work ethic has helped him stay on track with his education.

Brandon graduated from Providence High School last year and is now taking classes at Central Piedmont Community College, all while maintaining a job at a local grocery store. Brandon is an only child so he loves being around people of all ages. He has always wanted a younger sibling, in fact, at our first meeting with Brandon our Executive Director, Elizabeth Lindsey brought along her daughter and Brandon thought she was so great that he “adopted” her as his kid sister!

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