Brandon's Dream

Brandon's Dream

Dream Kid Brandon Dream Kid Brandon

Dream Kid Brandon

About Brandon

Name: Brandon

Lives with: Kidney disease

Referred by: Levine Children's Hospital

Hometown: Rock Hill, SC

Favorite Sport: football

It seems that South Carolina residents have to make a serious choice very early in life: South Carolina Gamecocks or Clemson Tigers. For 17 year old Brandon from Rock Hill, the choice was easy—Clemson Orange all the way. Brandon has been attending Clemson football games with his family for many years. He is such a die-hard fan that he has even left the comfort and home-field advantage of Death Valley to watch his Tigers dominate the Gamecocks in Columbia.  While Brandon has played football, he prefers the excitement of being a loyal fan.

Brandon is a quiet and kind senior at Rock Hill High School, who loves fishing and camping. Like many other teenage boys, he enjoys eating pizza rolls and playing online video games with his friends and younger brother, Jacob.  Unlike many other teenage boys, Brandon lives with stage 4 kidney disease. Born with this disease, Brandon has been blessed that it has progressed slowly. However, Brandon is quickly approaching the point where dialysis and a kidney transplant will be necessary.  Brandon’s mom, who also lives with kidney disease explains, “We always knew it would get to this point.” For now, Brandon will continue medication and wait to move up on the kidney donor list and wait to find the right donor.

Brandon has an amazing support system-his mom, dad and 2 brothers. They are always there to support him and help him continue to see that “he is just a normal kid” who has 2 more months until graduation, who needs to clean out the fish tank, and who should still beware of  the practical jokes of his older brother. Brandon’s family is always thrilled to put on their Clemson jerseys and tailgate with him before the games. Brandon dreams of getting to see the Clemson Tigers up close and of being able to meet some of the players and coaches.

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