Cameron's Dream

Cameron's Dream

Dream Kid Cameron Dream Kid Cameron

Dream Kid Cameron

About Cameron

Name: Cameron

Lives with: Hydrocephalus, Cerebral Palsy and is Legally Blind

Referred by: Jeff Gordon's Children's Hospital

Favorite Sport: NASCAR

Sports Hero: Joey Logano

We were introduced to Cameron through our partners at the Jeff Gordon Children’s Hospital because they knew that this little boy loves racing! In fact, Cameron usually has a toy race car in his hand wherever he goes including during his visits to the hospital. It helps to keep him occupied during his therapy.

He has a shunt in his brain that treats swelling due to the excess buildup of fluid, a condition known as hydrocephalus. He has a care provider that helps him throughout the day especially with his hands and motor use which are impacted by his very limited vision. So there are some things that Cameron can’t do like go through metal detectors or play sports with his friends. However, Cameron is a positive kid so he focuses on the things he CAN do, like being an amazing friend and cheering on his buddies while they compete!

Despite his challenges, Cameron has a cheerful and bright personality and when we met him, we knew instantly he was one cool kid! Cameron spends most of his time playing with his race cars so whether he is pretending to be his hero, Joey Logano, or he is actually watching him speed around the track, he is all smiles. He loves wearing his Logano gear and in photos, he can be seen throwing up peace signs with both hands….kidding, that’s #22 of course… Logano’s car number! There is nothing he likes more than a noisy engine and a good burnout, and somehow, we think he and Mr. Logano have this in common!

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