Davis's Dream

Davis's Dream

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Dream Kid Davis

About Davis

Name: Davis

Lives with: Type 1 diabetes

Referred by: Levine Children's Hospital

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Favorite Sport: basketball

Meet Davis a 9-year-old Charlotte boy living with Type 1 diabetes. Davis is a huge fan of his North Carolina teams, from mimicking Cam Newton’s dance moves to cheering on the Blue Devils!

After learning of his diagnosis, he was discharged from the hospital on a Friday night and was back on the baseball field the next morning. Davis’s Mom says he is a 9-year-old who is giving himself 4-6 shots a day, multiple blood checks, counting carbs, and learning about his self-care & whatever it takes to battle T1D!

When we met Davis, his love for all sports was obvious and he lives a very active lifestyle! Since his diagnosis, he says one of the hardest parts is figuring out how to keep his blood sugar balanced so that he can keep participating! Davis’s favorite subject is math, and he’s enjoyed being able to use his math skills to manage his diabetes. Remarkably, Davis has actually been empowered since his diagnosis! He has experienced some anxiety in a few areas, and his Mom was concerned over how he would cope with the diagnosis and new lifestyle. But Davis immediately stepped up to the plate and has been a rockstar in learning about T1D and how to manage it! He is currently the only kid in his school living with T1D, and he has brought awareness of the disease to many of his peers.

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