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DJ's Dream

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About DJ

Name: DJ

Lives with: Ewing’s sarcoma

Hometown: Buckhead, GA

Hobbies: Reading

Favorite Sport: Football

Sports Hero: Tim Tebow

Many 21-year-olds are focusing on their college classes or where they are going to meet up with their friends, but sadly that has not been the case for Daniel Hall Jr. (“DJ”) of Buckhead, GA. When he was just a teen, he was diagnosed Ewing’s sarcoma. This extremely rare cancer occurs in and around the bones, most often starting in the legs, pelvis, and arms.

Most of DJ’s teen years were spent battling this dreaded disease. Chemo, radiation, and surgery was the necessary course of treatment, which worked… for a while…. and then just recently, DJ and his family were told the cancer is back and it has metastasized to his lungs. He would need to endure chemo and tradition AGAIN and this time, they needed to pray for a miracle.

DJ has many interests, but what rises to the top is his love for sports, specifically football. He roots for the hometown team, the Atlanta Falcons, and would love to go to a football game. Additionally, he has a passion for video games (specifically “Call of Duty”), so much so that he would even like to pursue a career in video game testing/streaming. He loves studying and reading about history, crab legs are his favorite meal, and Avatar is his favorite movie.

DJ’s sports dream is to spend time with inspirational athlete and SEC Network analyst, Tim Tebow. DO3 is thrilled to make DJ’s dream come true in partnership with the Tim Tebow Foundation. Not only will DJ have the opportunity to spend quality time with Tim, but he will also have the opportunity to attend the SEC Championship Football Game in Atlanta. The combination of these two activities will be the perfect medicine for this kind and caring young man!

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