Dyson's Dream

Dyson's Dream

Dream Kid Dyson Dream Kid Dyson

Dream Kid Dyson

About Dyson

Name: Dyson

Lives with: AML Leukemia

Referred by: Levine Children's Hospital

Dyson Allen is a sweet and very intelligent 10-year-old boy from Charlotte, NC. Last June, Dyson was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. His treatment and its side effects were difficult for Dyson and not something this lively preteen ever thought he would have to endure; however, his determination continues to get him through.

Sports, particularly basketball, provide Dyson with much-needed encouragement and relief throughout his journey. Before his diagnosis, Dyson played basketball and football. Because his dad was his first basketball coach, Dyson and his family find the sport to be a way of unifying them. One of Dyson’s favorite things to do in his free time is to play basketball outside with his little sister, Leighton. Although he can’t currently attend school or play on a team, he still loves to play ball at home and watch basketball on TV or live.

Although Dyson struggles at times with his illness, he remains kind and empathetic towards others. When asked what his sports dream is, he told his child life specialist at the hospital that he “didn’t want to ask for too much.” He always takes the time to think of others even when he is hurting. His ultimate sports dream is to go to the NBA All-Star game.

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