Ethan's Dream

Ethan's Dream

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Dream Kid Ethan

About Ethan

Name: Ethan

Lives with: Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis, Uveitis, Chiari malformation, Hypothyroidism, Epilepsy, & Migraines

Referred by: Children's Hospital of Atlanta

Hometown: Comer, GA

Favorite Sport: baseball

Sports Hero: Freddie Freeman

What rescues baby pigs, can identify all parts of the brain and spinal cord, loves broccoli, plays second base, and according to his own estimate, owns 9,000 Atlanta Braves hats?  It’s actually not a riddle—it’s a person—9-year old Ethan from Comer, Georgia. Ethan is a rare combination of these qualities and many more.  Ethan also enjoys reading Magic Tree House books, watching the movie Sing, swimming, fishing, and playing with his dog.

Ethan also lives with many physical challenges including Chiari, tethered spinal cord syndrome. juvenile arthritis, epilepsy, and migraines. As a result of these conditions, Ethan has undergone 5 surgeries, receives regular infusion treatments, wears leg braces sometimes, and missed 73 days of school during the 2017-18 school year. Possibly the most difficult of all these challenges for Ethan was only being able to play in one little league baseball game this season.

Despite the pain Ethan often feels, everyone around Ethan says that he is always focused on making his mom and his health care providers smile. According to Ethan, “When I make other people feel good, I feel good.” Last year, Ethan cried as he watched on TV as his favorite player, #5 Freddie Freeman, broke his wrist. At that moment, Ethan felt compelled to help Freddie, to ease his pain, and to help with his recovery so he could get back on first base ASAP! When Ethan grows up. he is committed to helping others feel better and heal, by being an EMT or an Athletic Trainer (with the Atlanta Braves, of course).

While Ethan has a kind and generous heart for others, he is also blessed to have a great group of people supporting him. He lives with his mom and grandparents, and also has great support from his Aunt Renee and two nieces, as well as an extended family In Macon, Georgia. Friends from Cornerstone Church of Athens, Corner Elementary School, and Madison County Little League help Ethan and Mom know they are not alone. Ethan is a very active young man, and despite his challenges, he and his mom live by the following belief: “It’s okay to stop when you are really in pain, but we have to get up every day and try unless we want to live our life from the couch.”

Ethan dreams of playing a full season of baseball next spring.  He also dreams of seeing the Braves play live in Sun Trust Park and of meeting his sports hero, Freddie Freeman. He wants to talk with Freddie and double-check that his wrist is healing as it should be!

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