Evan's Dream

Evan's Dream

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Dream Kid Evan

About Evan

Name: Evan

Lives with: Chronic Astham

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Hobbies: Reading

Favorite Sport: Track

Sports Hero: Noah Lyles

Tarro look at 14-year-old track star, Evan Boykin, you would never know that he struggles with severe, and often debilitating, asthma. This charismatic teen has an amazing work ethic and diligently practices his sport because he has his eyes on the prize… he wants to run in the 2028 Olympics!

Since Evan was a young boy, he has struggled with chronic breathing issues. He was continually at the pediatrician. His twin brother, Aron, was always involved in sports and of course, Evan wanted to compete as well. His parents were worried and hesitated, but finally relented. It was during his first football game, after running for a touchdown, that Evan’s asthma seemed to take a turn for the worse. He couldn’t breathe and the paramedics had to transport him to the hospital to be stabilized.

It was after that incident that Evan finally got the relief he desperately needed. He was referred to an amazing pulmonologist who knew exactly what to prescribe to treat Evan’s severe asthma effectively. Besides traveling everywhere with an inhaler, nebulizer, and a specific medicine, Evan must visit his doctor every other week for treatment via injection and his breathing is monitored daily. He defied the odds and resumed playing football, and discovered his love for running… And running FAST. Currently, Evan runs for the Charlotte (NC) Heat Track Club and he has had the fastest times, in the state, for the 100m and 200m for the PAST THREE YEARS!

When not on the track, Evan is a huge Harry Potter fan (both the books and the movies), he enjoys lobster (but will settle for his other fav – Zaxby‘s), and he excels in Science. This young man looks up to many track stars, but his favorite is fellow sprint champion, the silver-haired young star, Noah Lyles. Evan would love to meet Noah and learn what it takes to be a professional sprinter and Olympian.

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