Garrison's Dream

Garrison's Dream

Dream Kid Garrison Dream Kid Garrison

Dream Kid Garrison

About Garrison

Name: Garrison

Lives with: Cerebral palsy, short bowel syndrome, seizures and asthma

Referred by: Levine Children's Hospital

Favorite Sport: wrestling

Sports Hero: John Cena

Garrison will be 6-years old this March (2018) and he wrestles daily with cerebral palsy, short bowel syndrome, epilepsy, and asthma. Though each day brings a new challenge, Garrison faces it with strength, determination and a smile!

Despite his many conditions and the increasing seizures attacking his little body, Garrison is a happy and upbeat little boy. Much like other boys his age, he loves sports! His all-time favorite is WWE Wrestling. Garrison’s favorite WWE Superstar is John Cena, a six-time World Champion, five-time U.S. Champion.

“Being strong” and “fighting bad guys” are just two of the reasons Garrison looks up to John Cena. He wants to be just like his hero because, not only does he fight the bad guys, he fights against bullying as well.

John Cena has taken a public stand against bullying and shared that he himself has been a victim. Cena believes in turning a negative situation into a positive one, a mindset that powered his initial passion to become physically fit and has continued to shape his career.

When he’s not watching WWE, Garrison spends time playing with his Transformers, listening to his favorite music, Imagine Dragons, and eating pizza.

Due to the nature of Garrison’s diagnosis, he struggles to gain weight and is frequently undergoing surgeries and physical therapy. He and his family are currently awaiting approval for a transplant. His nurses have shared that throughout his journey, Garrison’s mom, Isa, “is a true superhero.” She has been his #1 fan and advocate and continues to research options and best care for him. He is one blessed little boy to have a single mother who is an advocate for him in every way.

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