Gavin's Dream

Gavin's Dream

Dream Kid Gavin Dream Kid Gavin

Dream Kid Gavin

About Gavin

Name: Gavin

Lives with: Autism

Sports Hero: Tim Tebow

Gavin is a loveable 14-yearold whose incredible strength comes from a few places: he owes his physical strength to a love of working out, but his strength to overcome the obstacles that living with autism throws at him comes from his strong faith and supportive family.  

There doesn’t seem to be a hobby out there that Gavin hasn’t tried! In addition to working out, Gavin loves watching football, baseball, racing, and tennis – and can tell you extensive facts about them all. Off the court, Gavin is brilliant at math, plays a mean vibraphone in the percussion section, enjoys coding, and has dreams of storm chasing in Florida. His autism often hinders him and though he is kind and likable, he struggles to make friends and is often lonely. Immersing himself in his hobbies helps build his confidence and ease his social anxiety. 

Gavin’s sports hero is Tim Tebow because, as Gavin says, “He gets his identity from God, not the world.” His dream is to meet Tim and the University of Florida football team, as well as to watch a Gators game. Gavin has more in common with his sports hero than he may realize, with his love for God, of the sport and can-do attitude. Here’s to Gavin’s dream coming true and inspiring him to continue to pursue his passions! 

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