Griffin's Dream

Griffin's Dream

Dream Kid Griffin Dream Kid Griffin

Dream Kid Griffin

About Griffin

Name: Griffin

Lives with: Glimoa, a rare type of brain tumor

Referred by: Novant Healthcare

Hometown: Charlotte NC

Favorite Sport: football

Ever heard of a sabermetrician? Or maybe you’ve seen the movie “Moneyball?” Sabermetrics, by definition, is the application of statistical analysis to baseball records, especially in order to evaluate and compare the performance of individual players. So basically if you love math and you love sports, this might be the perfect job!

12-year-old Griffin Cherniss LOVES math! In fact, he has even traveled cross-country to participate in an elite math camp. He wants to use his math skills to help unlock the hidden secrets of football and draft a winning strategy, much like a Sabermetrician does in baseball. As you can probably tell from the pictures of his room and his outfit, Griffin is a loyal Seattle Seahawks fan! So when the staff at Novant Healthcare reached out to us about Griffin, his story, and his love of the game…well, you know what comes next!

Griffin is a very happy, outgoing, and funny kid. So when he started having symptoms at 10-years-old, the change in his personality was a clear sign that something wasn’t right. He became exhausted, constantly sick with head and stomach pains. He was also experiencing blurry vision and constant ringing in his ear. He is currently seeing both GI Specialists and Neurologists, traveling as far as Chicago and New York to determine a cause for the symptoms. He has been admitted to the hospital for weeks at a time for pain management. Through all of the tests, doctor visits, specialists, and treatment plans, Griffin and his family are still searching for answers.

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