Hunter's Dream

Hunter's Dream

Dream Kid Hunter Dream Kid Hunter

Dream Kid Hunter

About Hunter

Name: Hunter

Lives with: Cerebral Palsy

Referred by: InReach

Favorite Sport: NASCAR and football

“Jeff Gordon is coming ‘round the third turn, passing Jimmie Johnson, oh man, look at him hug the inside of the track and slide into that second-place position!” That could easily be NASCAR commentating subtitles, or you might just be overhearing Hunter shouting over the TV on race days! 

Hunter Adcock has a DEEP love for ACC and SEC football, basketball, and baseball, and also NASCAR racing! This 21-year-old young man may live with Cerebral Palsy and mild intellectual disability, but that doesn’t stop him from living his best life as any sports and outdoor enthusiast would. When he’s not hunting, fishing, camping, or watching NASCAR, he’s playing the Xbox, attending church with his family, and taking part in his favorite hobby – TALKING! He even makes time to volunteer at the local food pantry. 

Hunter and his family try not to let his disability limit his quality of life. They wholeheartedly believe that almost everything can also be done in a wheelchair, it may just require just a little more effort! Sometimes Hunter needs encouragement to try new things and accept change… but who doesn’t sometimes!? 

Hunter’s ambition in life is to become a sports broadcaster or radio host. He has a microphone at home and announces songs on the radio a few notes in, calls the plays when listening to a ballgame or announces the activity during a NASCAR race. Hunter’s Dream is to attend a NASCAR race where he can have the opportunity to interview the drivers and announce the race. 

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