Ikym's Dream

Ikym's Dream

Dream Kid Ikym Dream Kid Ikym

Dream Kid Ikym

About Ikym

Name: Ikym

Lives with: PTSD

Referred by: Concord High School

Hometown: Concord, NC

Favorite Sport: football

Sports Hero: Antonio Brown

Ikym Hall is a kind-hearted, resilient, and inspiring 18-year-old from Concord, NC. To meet him, you might not realize that he has faced some incredibly difficult circumstances in his young life. What you would notice is the big smile that lights up the entire room and a young man who carries himself with grace and humility. In fact, Ikym’s warm personality is what stood out to the Concord High School Jr. Dream Team. They were given the task of selecting a fellow student to be a recipient of a sports dream and they were excited to huddle up and make Ikym’s dream a reality.

Ikym lost his mom tragically and, without his father in his life either, he and his siblings are living with their aunt and cousins. Rather than allowing tragedy to defeat him, Ikym has found a way to channel his pain and adversity into motivation using sports. He is a talented football player who hopes to play in the NFL one day. He is loved and supported by his aunt, grandmother, siblings, and cousins, who all encourage him to pursue his dreams.

The members of Ikym’s Jr. Dream Team have nothing but positive things to say about him on and off the football field. They’ve all remarked about what a supportive team player he is, one who genuinely cares about his teammates more than his individual success or praise. After spending just a few minutes with students and faculty at Concord High School, it becomes clear how well-respected Ikym is within his school. He is proud to be from Concord and wants to give back to the community someday. His Junior Dream Team is honored to rally around him and show him just how valued he is. Ikym’s dream is to meet the Pittsburgh Steelers, which was his mom’s favorite team. He is grateful for the love and support he is receiving, and excited to have his dream come true!

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