Iziah's Dream

Iziah's Dream

Dream Kid Iziah Dream Kid Iziah

Dream Kid Iziah

About Iziah

Name: Iziah

Lives with: Life-altering condition

Referred by: Levine Children's Hospital

Favorite Sport: basketball

Sports Hero: Steph Curry

Meet Iziah, a 15-year-old young man living in Charlotte. Just like many teenage guys, Iziah loves the game of basketball! He’s very good with his hands and likes to take things apart and put them back together. He has a huge, lovable personality and enjoys helping others! He takes pride in filling a big brother role for his nieces and nephews.

His Dream: Iziah loves participating in many sports activities, and hopes to play for the NBA one day.  His dream is to meet his NBA hero, Steph Curry! On February 22nd, we surprised Dream Kid Iziah at Levine Children’s Hospital where we told him he would be meeting his sports hero! We then took him, along with Dream Kid Passion, to Atlanta to cheer on the Golden State Warriors as they took on the hawks. Everyone made it safely to The Ritz-Carlton in Atlanta and shortly after the families were treated to dinner courtesy of Taco Mac. Once the tanks were refueled it was off to Philips Stadium where the teens sat courtside during warm-up for a close-up look at Steph Curry’s pre-game rituals. As soon as the last warm-up basket dropped everyone was whisked away through the tunnel for a private meet and greet for both teens. Curry spent a generous amount of one-on-one time with Iziah and Passion, signing all their memorabilia, talking, and even doing some dancing! And the best part, the evening had just begun! Iziah and Passion ran out of the tunnel as if they were about to play in the big game and then took their seats to watch Curry and the Warriors dominate, #30 leads the team with 36 points on 22 shots for a final score of 102-92!

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