Jayden's Dream

Jayden's Dream

Dream Kid Jayden Dream Kid Jayden

Dream Kid Jayden

About Jayden

Name: Jayden

Lives with: Autism

Referred by: DDR

Hobbies: sewing, science class

Meet Jayden, a 10-year-old living with autism whose dream of meeting American Pharoah just came true! Jayden is a thoughtful, creative, and loving boy. Like many 10-year-old boys, he loves pizza, Cam Newton, and playing with legos. He also loves sewing and science, however, his greatest love is for horses. He hopes to be a horse trainer when he grows up and “feels like it’s in his blood.” Jayden’s autism has created a number of challenges for him, especially in the area of social interaction, making it tough to develop friendships. As a result, he forms very strong bonds with close friends and family.

Jayden was referred to us by DDR, Inc and he is also one of #MollysKids!  When our friends at Valvoline found out about Jayden and his dream, they instantly wanted to help! The team at Valvoline not only sponsored Jayden’s Dream, but they also put together an experience that would become a lifelong memory for Jayden and his family. Our Dream Experiences typically start with a meeting between DO3 and the Dream Kid’s family. A few months before Jayden’s dream,  the team at Valvoline came all the way to Charlotte to meet Jayden with us and tell him in person that his dream was coming true.

Dream Photos

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