Jonathan's Dream

Jonathan's Dream

Dream Kid Jonathan Dream Kid Jonathan

Dream Kid Jonathan

About Jonathan

Name: Jonathan

Lives with:  Methylmalonic Acidemia (MMA) and cerebral palsy

Referred by: Levine Children's Hospital

Hometown: Indian Trail, NC

Hobbies: wheelchair basketball

Favorite Sport: basketball

Jonathan is a bright and happy 6-year-old from Indian Trail, NC. He is living with Methylmalonic Acidemia (MMA) and cerebral palsy.

MMA is a rare disorder where a person’s body is unable to digest certain proteins. Jonathan’s family was unaware that he had this disease until at 2 ½ years old and they found him unresponsive in his bed. Jonathan had suffered a major stroke while sleeping. It left him without major motor skills and a loss of developmental abilities.

For the last 3+ years, Jonathan has been battling every day to relearn how to walk, talk, and function like a healthy 6-year-old. Despite everything, he keeps a pretty fast pace. He stays busy with school, therapy and he loves attending local sports events. Before Jonathan suffered his stroke, he loved playing basketball. He can still shoot on his miniature hoop with a little help from his big sisters. Jonathan continues to be a huge basketball fan and he loves to watch his favorite player, Steph Curry, hit those 3-pointers!

It’s almost impossible to find Jonathan without a smile on his face. It’s this upbeat, determined attitude that makes everyone he meets fall in love with his big personality!

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