Jordan's Dream

Jordan's Dream

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Dream Kid Jordan

About Jordan

Name: Jordan

Lives with: Medulloblastoma

Referred by: Levine Children's Hospital

Hometown: Laurinburg, NC

Favorite Sport: basketball

In the state of North Carolina, basketball is serious business. Especially if you’re a Tar Heel or a Blue Devil. For Jordan Brigman, of Laurinburg, NC, it’s no question – UNC all the way! And his dream isn’t just to see them play, it’s to experience one of the biggest rivalries in basketball history, UNC vs. Duke while he cheers on a “Heels” win!

Last year, Jordan was in his final year of high school, and like most seniors, he was counting down the days until graduation with plans of college consuming his thoughts. Four days before he would join his fellow classmates in his cap and gown, Jordan received a daunting diagnosis. Doctors had found a brain tumor or medulloblastoma.

As a UNC fan, Jordan is familiar with rivalries. Jordan vs. the brain tumor. This young man is focused, determined, and ready for a fight, he will do whatever it takes to win!

Jordan has undergone multiple surgeries, traveled to Ohio last summer for a special type of radiation, then received four stem cell transplants and chemotherapy. Jordan and his family know his “game plan” well, so with a positive attitude and the ability to adapt to change quickly, there is only one goal in mind and it’s to “get back to normal.” His mom, Joy, and younger sister, Reagan, are a huge support to Jordan as he endures treatments. They are always there to help him stay focused on his dreams.

Jordan is an excellent student, especially excelling in math. He’s been selected to receive the Duke Energy Scholarship to attend Richmond Community College where he will pursue his degree in Electrical Engineering. There is a lot for Jordan to look forward to and we are thrilled to be a part of his journey.

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