Kyle's Dream

Kyle's Dream

Dream Kid Kyle Dream Kid Kyle

Dream Kid Kyle

About Kyle

Name: Kyle

Lives with: Down syndrome

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Hobbies: Basketball, flag football, swimming

Favorite Sport: football

Kyle Branscom,13-years-old from Charlotte, NC has accomplished a lot in his young life, all while facing the challenges that come with Down syndrome. Kyle has a tremendous amount of energy and his family has discovered that sports are a great outlet and something he loves very much. He plays for both youth flag football and basketball teams and is a medal-winning swimmer of a competitive swim team.

Kyle has a big personality and is very involved in his community so making friends has been very natural for him. Every day Kyle takes the opportunity to show others what he can do rather than focusing on what he cannot do. Because of his mindset, he has helped spread positive awareness about Down syndrome amongst his peers. Even at 13, Kyle is making a positive impact in his community. He wants others to know that his disability does not keep him from setting new goals and reaching for his dreams.

Kyle is the second of four children and he has a very strong bond with everyone in his family. The support he receives from his parents and siblings helps Kyle tackle anything he sets his mind to. His family is a very tight unit however when it comes to NCAA Football, they definitely don’t see eye to eye! The Brancoms’ team support is divided right down the middle, three rooting for Ohio State and three rooting for Michigan. Kyle will only be found wearing red and chanting “O-H-I-O”! The entire family enjoys the fun rivalry that game time brings, making for a fun and spirited football season!

Kyle’s ultimate sports dream is to see his favorite team, the Ohio Buckeyes play at home and we look forward to making it a dream come true for this selfless and loving kid!

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