Maurice's Dream

Maurice's Dream

Dream Kid Maurice Dream Kid Maurice

Dream Kid Maurice

About Maurice

Name: Maurice

Lives with: Down syndrome

Referred by: DDR

Favorite Sport: wrestling

Sports Hero: John Cena

Maurice Thompson is a 9 year old living with Down Syndrome. Living with this disability has made it difficult for Maurice to make friends. His mom shared that it makes him an easy target for bullies because you can see his disability on the outside and many people don’t really give him a chance. But if you give Maurice a chance you will quickly see that he is a happy, sociable, loving child who wants to make sure everyone else is happy first.

Maurice’s sports dream was to meet WWE Wrestler, John Cena, and watch him compete in a WWE wrestling match! Cena is a huge supporter of an anti-bullying campaign and has been a role model and inspiration for Maurice because he too was once a victim of bullying.

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