Mitchell's Dream

Mitchell's Dream

Dream Kid Mitchell Dream Kid Mitchell

Dream Kid Mitchell

About Mitchell

Name: Mitchell

Lives with: epilepsy

Referred by: Jeff Gordon's Children's Hospital

Favorite Sport: Drag racing

Sports Hero: John Force

For two out of of every three people, the cause of epilepsy is unknown and it’s not uncommon for kids to be well into their teen years before showing any signs of symptoms. That’s exactly the case for Mitchell Bryant, a teen from Ellensboro, NC, who was diagnosed with epilepsy at 14-years-old. As a result, life changed quickly for Mitchell and his family. With the help of doctors at Jeff Gordon Children’s Hospital, they are working to figure out medications, triggers and even determining which activities are safe for Mitchell.

Due to epilepsy, Mitchell transitioned into home school at the end of the school year and has had to take a break from some of his favorite activities, such as basketball, until they can better understand and stabilize his condition. Mitchell’s mom tells us the changes haven’t been easy on Mitchell or the family. “He misses his friends, his school, and his general well-being.” What’s the bright side in all this? Mitchell has a great attitude and remains very positive. Most of all, he has a very supportive and loving family who encourage him every day to keep fighting and focusing on things that make him happy.

Mitchell has a need for speed and a love of engineering. He is a die-hard drag racing fan and he enjoys figuring out how all of it comes together. Like most of us, he prefers being on a winning team. Well, you can’t go wrong as a fan of the 16-time Funny Car Champion and the winningest driver (148 wins) and holder of more all-time records than any driver in NHRA history, John Force. And, his love for racing doesn’t stop there. His favorite thing to do is race RC cars and he hopes to be a Traxxas RC Engineer when he grows up. He says he wants other “future drivers” to have as much fun racing RC cars as he’s had.

Mitchell’s ultimate sports dream is to meet John Force and “sit in his car.” This sweet kid might only be at the “starting line” in his battle with epilepsy, but we know that with the right team he will be burning out the Winner’s Circle in no time! In the meantime, we look forward to helping him experience a dream come true.

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