Morgan's Dream

Morgan's Dream

Dream Kid Morgan Dream Kid Morgan

Dream Kid Morgan

About Morgan

Name: Morgan

Lives with: Hodgkins Lymphoma

Referred by: Levine Children's Hospital

Hometown: Mint Hill, NC

Favorite Sport: basketball

Morgan Dunn is a 19-year-old from Mint Hill, NC and was referred to us by Levine Children’s Hospital. Last fall she started her freshman year at West Virginia University with the hopes of pursuing a career in fashion and joining the cheerleading team. Her plans were put on hold after she was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma in the spring. This turned Morgan’s world upside down and she was concerned and unsure about her future. Despite those concerns, she has stayed steadfast and relied on her faith to help her conquer this disease and her fears. She completed her last treatment in early October and is now in remission with the hopes of returning to school this spring!

The first thing we noticed when we met Morgan is her beautiful spirit. She immediately passed out hugs to everyone! We learned that she loves fashion and wants to one day be an editor for Teen Vogue. Morgan also has a passion for sports, especially basketball. She inherited her love of basketball from her dad, Jerry, who also happens to be her favorite sports hero! Trust us, he qualifies. Jerry has a long history as a coach. When Morgan was younger he coached for Penn State and even led them to the Sweet 16 in the NCAA tournament.

With all that basketball in Morgan’s blood, you may be wondering about her favorite team. Most people root for just one team, right? Not Morgan! Her love of the game leaves her affection split between two teams, the New York Knicks and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Did we mention that Morgan’s dad also coached for the Knicks? It’s true! Added to that is the fact that Morgan’s love of fashion makes NY her favorite city. The scales seem to be weighing on the side of the Knicks, but who are we to say? What we can tell you is that Morgan’s sports dream is “to watch her favorite teams play in her favorite city, New York” and we look forward to making her dream come true!

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