Noah's Dream

Noah's Dream

Dream Kid Noah Dream Kid Noah

Dream Kid Noah

About Noah

Name: Noah

Lives with: Cerebral Palsy

Favorite Sport: baseball

Noah Coon is an empathetic and loving 15-year-old guy who loves to chow down on hamburgers, jam to Pete Townsend tunes, and his favorite subject in school is US History. He also enjoys playing Madden on his Xbox and he has a deep love for his grandparents. Noah lives with cerebral palsy which presents daily challenges because his condition effects his fine motor skills. He can walk independently, but physical activity is a struggle and, as a result, he often opts out of playing games and sports. His mother states that he does not complain and does not give up, he just chooses a different route! 

Noah’s amazing spirit and love for others is a joy to behold. He calls his grandmother, who has Alzheimer’s, often and he checks on his grandfather daily. He participates in an adaptive Tae Kwon Do class and has played on a Challenger Little League team.   

Having loved the Boston Red Sox since birth, Noah is a die-hard fan just like his grandfather before him. When asked about his sports dream, Noah emphatically says he would love to visit the “Green Monster” (Fenway Park), which is the team’s historic home. Specifically, Noah wants to assist with the play by play of a game alongside the team’s three-man commentator crew: “Eck” (Dennis Eckersly), (Dave) “O’Brien”, and Jeremy Remy. He states that the commentators make the “game come alive” and he would love to transform the three-man crew to a four-man crew! 

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