Otto's Dream

Otto's Dream

Dream Kid Otto Dream Kid Otto

Dream Kid Otto

About Otto

Name: Otto

Lives with: Down syndrome

Referred by: Mooresville High School

Hometown: Mooresville, NC

Favorite Sport: basketball

Otto Blakeney is a loving, joyful 20-year-old student at Mooresville High School who lives with Down Syndrome. Even though his life looks different than most kids his age, he approaches each day with an open heart and a positive attitude. He is loved by the students at his school and the Mooresville, NC community. In fact, you can’t go anywhere in his town without encountering a fan of Otto’s!

Basketball is a huge part of Otto’s life, it’s his favorite sport to play and to watch. He connected with his classmates through their shared love of the game, allowing him to make new friendships. Otto can often be found in the gym shooting around with the other kids at his school and his absolute favorite part of the day is participating in gym class. When he isn’t playing basketball you might find him giving out hugs in the hallway or listening to music and showing off his dance moves.

The students who were chosen to be a part of the Jr. Dream Team at Mooresville High School selected Otto for his remarkable spirit and his love of sports. They knew that the entire student body would rally around Otto to help make his dream of going to a Miami Heat basketball game come true.

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