Sam's Dream

Sam's Dream

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Dream Kid Sam

About Sam

Name: Sam

Lives with: epilepsy

Referred by: Jeff Gordon's Children's Hospital

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Sam is upbeat and talkative 8-year-old from Charlotte, NC and he has a passion for sports, especially basketball. When Sam isn’t on the court shooting hoops he’s rooting for his favorite team, the Boston Celtics. Sam’s other interests include eating as much pizza as he can get his hands on, playing video games, and spending time with his family. Sounds pretty typical for a boy his age, right? Unfortunately, Sam doesn’t spend as much time as he’d like enjoying the things he loves most because he is also battling some very serious medical conditions.

Sam was born with bacterial meningitis and spent the 1st month of his life in the NICU. He had a shunt placed in his brain to help with the swelling, however, it has malfunctioned several times resulting in multiple surgeries. Then, at the age of 5, Sam started experiencing seizures. Faced with another challenge, his family and the medical staff began looking for ways to overcome yet another diagnosis. His mom tells us that most of his seizures happen at night when Sam is sleeping, which means his parents remain on high alert around the clock. The frequency of Sam’s seizures has continued to increase over the last several months, making a solution even more urgent.

Despite his challenges, Sam takes on each day with energy and positivity. He has tremendous support from his family who are working tirelessly to create a sense of normalcy in Sam’s life. Sam would love to attend a Boston Celtics game and meet his favorite player, Jayson Tatum and his ultimate sports dream is to “play for the Boston Celtics and win them five more banners!”

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