Sean's Dream

Sean's Dream

Dream Kid Sean Dream Kid Sean

Dream Kid Sean

About Sean

Name: Sean

Lives with: autism

Hometown: Davidson, NC

Favorite Sport: basketball

Visiting people and chatting about their day are two of Sean’s favorite things to do, no wonder he wants to work for the post office one day! (Not to mention that he likes to sort mail.) This kindhearted 21-year-old lives in the friendly Town of Davidson, NC and is surrounded by folks who adore him and support him. His family, his peers, the community – everyone has rallied around Sean. Not only is he personable and kind, but he is also caring and patient. The members of the local senior center where Sean volunteers can attest to that!

Sean lives with an IDD – an Intellectual Developmental Disability. His parents had to fight for his inclusion at school because they felt that for Sean to become (more) independent he needed to be mainstreamed. Doing so has provided Sean with optimal opportunities to succeed.

Sean loves to chow down on pizza and salad, he likes Starbucks, and his favorite music includes all the pop hits from Lady Gaga, Maroon 5, and Imagine Dragons. He also likes to watch the cars drive by and he likes to shop. When asked what he is most passionate about it, Sean emphatically states, “basketball!” He loves to watch basketball – specifically the hometown team – the Charlotte Hornets. When asked what his sports dream would be, Sean shares that he would love to watch the Hornets play ball at “the Hive” in Uptown Charlotte’s Spectrum Center!

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