Sophia's Dream

Sophia's Dream

Dream Kid Sophia Dream Kid Sophia

Dream Kid Sophia

About Sophia

Name: Sophia

Lives with: Congenital Limb Difference

Referred by: Amputee Coalition

Hometown: Hudsonville, MI

Hobbies: Golf & Softball

Favorite Sport: Golf

Sports Hero: Nelly and Jessica Korda

Sophia Howard does it all, and she does it well! This 14-year-old from Hudsonville, Michigan is a dedicated athlete, student, daughter, younger sibling, and friend. She can compete with the best of them on the golf course and softball field, overcoming any doubts people may have with grace. Sophia is below elbow congenital limb different. She may have certain challenges, but she lives life by the mantra that she can do anything anyone else can.

Sophia’s parents have raised her the same as her other siblings. From day one, they have taught her that she is not defined by her difference. Sophia wants all limb different kids to know that they are capable of achieving their dreams. She has a heart for connecting with other kids and giving them a resource she did not have when she was younger: a role model in a similar situation. She plans to become a counselor at a camp for limb different kids that she currently attends, participates in mentorship programs, and ultimately work in prosthetics to help make life better for kids like her.

With her incredible attitude and outlook on life, it is no surprise that Sophia is a gifted athlete and team player. She dedicates her time to both softball and golf, and has aspirations of competing at the collegiate and ultimately Paralympic level. Sports are a huge part of her life and have helped build her self-confidence. Her ultimate sports dream was to play a round of golf with the Korda Sisters, Jessica and Nelly, two-star LPGA athletes. She loves cheering them on and can’t think of more of a dream come true than the chance to get on the course with her heroes.

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