Tazmerria “Taz”'s Dream

Tazmerria “Taz”'s Dream

Dream Kid Tazmerria “Taz” Dream Kid Tazmerria “Taz”

Dream Kid Tazmerria “Taz”

About Tazmerria “Taz”

Name: Tazmerria “Taz”

Lives with: bilateral tibial hemimelia

Referred by: Georgia Southern Collegiate Dream Team

Hometown: Statesboro, GA

Favorite Sport: Golf

Tazmerria (affectionately known as “Taz”) Wilson does it all, and she does it well! This 18-year-old from Statesboro, GA is a dedicated athlete, student, daughter, sibling, and friend. She can compete with the best of them on the golf course, overcoming any doubts!

Taz has bilateral tibial hemimelia which is an extremely rare congenital limb deficiency characterized by complete or partial absence of the fibula – and in her case – has affected both of her legs. Just prior to turning three, both of
her legs were amputated. Taz may have more challenges than most, but this young lady works hard and just keeps going each and every day.

She does not know the meaning of the word, “quit”! When Taz wanted to participate in sports, her school therapist encouraged her to try golf and after a few swings, she was hooked! Her love for nature and being outdoors, combined with
her competitiveness and being active made golf the ideal sport for Taz. She is on her high school team and is currently learning to navigate the sport using her new prosthetics. Her goal this year is to break 100.

Golf has become a huge part of her life and has helped build her self-confidence. Her ultimate sports dream would be to attend the PGA Tour. She says she would be ecstatic to meet a fellow golfer who could impact her life in a positive manner.

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