Tylih's Dream

Tylih's Dream

Dream Kid Tylih Dream Kid Tylih

Dream Kid Tylih

About Tylih

Name: Tylih

Lives with: Autism

Referred by: The Arc of North Carolina

Favorite Sport: football

Sports Hero: Drew Brees

Tylih just finished his first year of high school which brought about the typical challenges of a high school freshman, such as managing more independence, a larger student body, and a lot less structure. However, none of that stopped Tylih from successfully finishing his first year of high school and now he is ready to tackle his sophomore year! Tylih’s Mom, Dad, and two sisters are his biggest fans and have been an amazing support system for him. During our first visit, his little sisters, Latavia and Meyana, were eager to show off his drawings and let us know how much they love their big brother.

Tylih was diagnosed with autism at 18 months old and it wasn’t until he was almost 4 years old when he spoke his first words. Since a young age, Tylih has been in speech, occupational and physical therapies to help with the challenges he faces. He has incorporated sports as a way to help calm him and also finds a sense of peace in music, video games, and drawing. A weekly schedule and routine are important to Tylih although meeting new people is always a nice diversion, Mom would say he doesn’t know a stranger!

Tylih has a competitive spirit and a big love for both basketball and football, especially MVP Quarterbacks! Tylih’s Dad is a Cowboys fan, and his Mom pulls for the Panthers, but Tylih is all about The New Orleans Saints. We got a glimpse of the friendly banter between him and his parents as he told us all about The Saints and their record. His sports hero? MVP Quarterback Drew Brees of course! Tylih knows all there is to know about Brees, including how far and fast he can throw the ball.

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