Will's Dream

Will's Dream

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Dream Kid Will

About Will

Name: Will

Lives with: Spina bifida and epilepsy

Referred by: Carson High School

Sports Hero: Jeff Hardy

Will Fuller is a vibrant, happy 17-year-old student at Carson High School. He was born with Spina Bifida and is wheelchair-bound, but does not let his condition hold him back from the things he loves. He participates in and excels at adaptive track and field. His teammates say he can always be found hyping someone up before a race, helping to create a fun and supportive environment for all of his fellow athletes.

Will has always loved sports, particularly wrestling. Even though he cannot participate in the way that he would like to, he has immersed himself into the culture by watching wrestling and playing wrestling games on his Playstation 4. He would like to be a WWE announcer when he grows up. His sports dream is to meet WWE wrestler Jeff Hardy. Will admires him because he never backs down from a challenge and isn’t afraid of anything that might come his way. By spending just a few minutes with anyone who knows Will, it is clear that he has a lot in common with his hero.

The Carson High School community has rallied around Will in the past by gifting him a new wheelchair, and ever since then, he has been fully immersed in the school culture. His classmates have nothing but great things to say about him and love seeing him in the hallways because he greets everyone with excitement. Whether he is sharing a smile or one of his favorite jelly bean flavors, Will is able to bring joy to students and faculty at Carson High School. He is excited to have a team of his peers rally around him to help make his dream come true.

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