Zachary's Dream

Zachary's Dream

Dream Kid Zachary Dream Kid Zachary

Dream Kid Zachary

About Zachary

Name: Zachary

Lives with: Cerebral palsy and epilepsy

Referred by: Jeff Gordon's Children's Hospital

Hometown: Casar, NC

Favorite Sport: football

Sports Hero: Aaron Rodgers

Zachary is a 13-year-old boy from Casar, NC. After suffering a stroke in the womb, he was born with cerebral palsy and epilepsy. Zachary loves sports and being part of a team. However, due to his medical condition, he is unable to participate. His favorite sport? Football! His P.E. Teacher has even asked him to be the manager of his school’s football team this year! Zachary hopes to be an NFL Scout when he grows up.

His sports dream: Zachary’s favorite NFL team is none other than the Green Bay Packers!

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