Meet Chandler

Chandler is a friendly and compassionate 18-year-old from Vestavia, AL. This young man strives to have a positive impact on the world and always places the needs of others ahead of his own. When he grows up, his goal is to make a difference.

During Chandler’s early teen years, he started to experience a separation between himself and his peers. The more he wanted to be included, the less he was being invited. These interactions caused him to become depressed, and gaining his self-confidence back has been a slow and difficult process. Despite these challenges, one of Chandler’s favorite things is to meet new people and try new things!

Chandler lives close to Samford University and he has had the opportunity to take classes on campus. He has fallen in love with the college atmosphere and dreams of experiencing a game day at Seibert Stadium the same way the players do. His ultimate sports Dream would be to make friends with the Samford Football team and support the players during a game, which will be coming true thanks to the Samford University Collegiate Dream Team!