Meet Dorian

Meet Dorian, a cheerful and inspirational 7-year-old from Henderson, CO! After years of seizures, tests, and surgeries, Dorian’s condition is still undiagnosed but has been narrowed down to a rare form of Leukodystrophy, a group of rare, genetic disorders that affect the white matter of the brain. Due to his life-altering condition, Dorian is unable to walk or have motor functions, but that doesn’t stop him from sharing his mega-watt smile and love of life, especially his love of sports – and his favorite player, Tom Brady, with everyone he meets!

In his free time, Dorian loves to play sports with his younger brother and has enjoyed playing golf, basketball, and soccer, but his favorite sport by far is football! He loves to play Quarterback and idolizes his favorite player. He watches Tom Brady highlights year-round on YouTube, and loves holding his Tampa Bay Buccaneers football. Dorian even had Tom Brady toppers on his birthday cupcakes this year!

Being able to watch Tom Brady play in person, and be around an NFL team would without a doubt, be a Dream come true for Dorian!

Dorian's Dream

Dorian’s Dream Experience kicked off with a school-wide surprise that included a police and fire sendoff, THREE high school bands and cheerleaders, and so much more! After the surprise, Dorian and his family were whisked away to the Gaylord Rockies Resort where they enjoyed an entire day of fun and a great night’s sleep in the Presidential Suite. The Gaylord team even make Dorian a custom Buccaneers cake!

The family arrived in Tampa Friday afternoon and were immediately greeted at the hotel with a brand new Tampa Bay Buccaneers flag, just for Dorian. The team enjoyed a special dinner at TradeWinds Island Resorts RumFish Grill where they sat up close and personal with the HUGE aquarium! The hotel team even gifted Dorian and his brother stuffed animal versions of their new aquarium friends. The night ended with smores on the beach, which was also Dorian’s first time ever experiencing sand.

On Saturday, the Buccaneers rolled out the red carpet for Dorian. Their practice facility tour included time in the locker room where Leonard Fournette went out of his way to greet our Dream Team. He even gifted Dorian his game ball from last season.

Once at practice, Tom Brady came straight over to Dorian, who was left speechless. Dream Leader Noelle said, “it was so cool watching this tiny human look up to their idol like that.” Between walking through plays, Tom would continue to come check in on Dorian and his family. He played catch with Dorian’s brother and chatted with Dorian’s mom like they had been friends for years. At the end of practice, the entire team made it a point to meet Dorian and sign autographs.

Once practice wrapped, it was time for the beach! One of Dorian’s mom’s dreams has been to take Dorian to the beach before he became too heavy for her to carry, so to see mom’s dream come true on this Dream Experience fills our hearts beyond words. Dorian LOVED his first time in the ocean and made lots of incredible memories with the family, as seen by these incredible photos.

On Sunday, #TeamDorian watched the Buccaneers win after an epic comeback and even spent time ON FIELD after the game!

Dream Snapshots