Meet Frances

Meet Frances, an outgoing and brave 11- year-old from Birmingham, AL! Frances is a lover of all things pink and glitter. She is an aspiring gymnast, who is always on the go, looking to experience everything she can in life.

Despite some of the hardships Frances faces in day-to-day life, she seeks out opportunities to do things outside of her comfort zone, and gymnastics is no exception. Frances is starting to realize it’s more of a challenge for her to do what her peers are doing, but with her optimistic attitude and zest for life, Frances doesn’t let that stop her.

Frances is a girl with many talents. When she is not flipping through the air or working on her front walkover, you may find her trying out new makeup looks on her mom, riding her bike in Alabama gear, or in the pool practicing to be a real mermaid.

Frances is an Alabama fan through and through. Her dream is to see the Alabama Gymnastic Team in real life. She wants to learn from other powerful, female athletes, who also choose to be brave and go after their passions.