Jackson's Dream

Meet Jackson

Meet Jackson, an 11-year-old from Bessemer City, NC who has never run away from a challenge. Jackson’s story has been far from easy, at only 4 -years old he was diagnosed with an Ependymoma tumor. He had brain surgery in 2016 to remove it at Levine Children’s Hospital and then endured 33 rounds of radiation therapy in Jacksonville, Florida. Since then, Jackson has received clear scans and is considered to be in total remission!

Last February, seven years after his initial diagnosis, he began having headaches and started vomiting at school. Jackson received a C-T scan and it revealed necrosis of the brain, a serious complication caused by his prior radiation therapy. At that point, the doctors decided to do a biopsy.

The biopsy revealed cancerous scar tissue, which lead to Jackson’s third brain procedure. During surgery, the doctors found a high-grade brain tumor. As a toddler, Jackson’s radiation to treat the original cancer caused a different extremely aggressive form of cancer. One month ago, Jackson fought through another surgery, where doctors removed 75% of the tumor. In a matter of weeks, this baseball-obsessed young man went from playing on the field to fighting for his life…again.

Jackson looks up to Yankee first baseman – Anthony Rizzo. He dreams of attending a game at Yankee Stadium and meeting his sports hero! Jackson believes if Rizzo can survive cancer & play in the MLB, so can he.

Jackson's Dream

Jackson’s Dream was 100% a homerun! This Dreamer is an absolute rockstar and we are in awe of his strength, especially at just 11 years old. Jackson is currently living with cancer for the second time and looks up to New York Yankees first baseman – Anthony Rizzo. Jackson believes if Rizzo can survive cancer & play in the MLB, so can he!

When the Dream team landed in NYC on Friday, they were picked up by a limo and checked in to the Pendry Manhattan West who provided a true 5-star experience. They gifted Jackson an entire suite and had goodies ready when he arrived. They even gifted him a polaroid camera so he could capture special moments over the weekend!

When Jackson arrived at Yankee Stadium the team rolled out the red carpet. Jackson got to meet Aaron Boone, and was able to swap trading cards with his hero, Anthony Rizzo. As seen from the photos, Jackson and his parents made memories that they’ll never forget including visiting Monument Park and the NYY Museum. After settling in for the game, the Yankees also gifted Jackson a custom Louisville Slugger and Yankees gear!

Day two started with seeing the Statue of Liberty on a harbor cruise. Once at Yankee Stadium, the team invited Jackson down to the field during pre-game. Here, Jackson started signing his own trading cards for all of the players, which they absolutely loved! When Anthony saw Jackson, he immediately came over to chat again and told Jackson that his trading card is hanging in his locker. The Yankees wrapped up this stellar experience with a nice win Saturday night!

After the game the family enjoyed a victory cruise down Times Square and spent time at the tallest outdoor deck in the western hemisphere. The night ended with a pizza party in the hotel room for the entire Dream team!

Jackson said “NYC is the coolest city in the world” and did not want to leave when the Dream Experience ended today. Good thing you’re a part of the Dream family, Jackson! You’re stuck with us for good.

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