Meet Jackson

Jackson Campolmi is a sweet, kind 16-year-old student at Myers Park High School who lives with a seizure disorder due to a rare syndrome called dup15q, or chromosome duplication syndrome. Jackson’s life differs greatly from that of his peers, in addition to physical limitations that require around the clock care, he is mostly non-verbal and uses a communication device to express his thoughts.

Jackson has a great support system and his mom and dad do all they can to keep him active and involved in opportunities that bring him joy. Participation in adaptive sports has been life-changing for Jackson and he is particularly in love with the exhilaration that adaptive skiing provides. He loves nature, so being outdoors and flying down a mountain in the snow keeps his heart rate up and his spirits high!

Despite his condition, Jackson has a gentle spirit and is always thinking about others. He is full of love and light, a true gift to everyone he meets. When asked what he wants to be when he grows up, he replied, “a friend to everyone”. Jackson’s high school community is excited to rally around him and make him feel as loved and special as he makes everyone at Myers Park feel on a daily basis.

Jackson’s sports heroes are his adaptive ski instructors who help him to ski fast and make the most out of each run. His sports dream is to bucket ski on a beautiful sunny day with fresh powder. He wants to go fast and watch the trees fly by.

Dream Reels