Jesus's Dream

Meet Jesus

Meet Jesus, a kind and caring 21-year-old from Denver, CO. This young man always has a positive attitude and is known for always spreading love and joy to others.

Jesus is currently battling Hodgkin’s Lymphoma – cancer of the lymphatic system. He has been in treatment for the past two years, and while it has been a daunting journey, he’s taken everything in great stride. He’s never let cancer hinder his love of life. He even celebrated his 21st birthday by taking “apple juice shots” with his nurses at midnight!

This Colorado young man LOVES soccer! He enjoys watching all the leagues, but his favorite team is the LA Galaxy as they have many Mexico National Team players that speak Spanish. He watches soccer any chance he gets and even plays soccer in the hallways of the hospital!

Despite his battle with cancer, Jesus’ love of soccer has only grown. This incredible young man’s ultimate Dream would be to attend his first professional soccer match with the LA Galaxy!