Jesus's Dream

Meet Jesus

Meet Jesus, a kind and caring 21-year-old from Denver, CO. This young man always has a positive attitude and is known for always spreading love and joy to others.

Jesus is currently battling Hodgkin’s Lymphoma – cancer of the lymphatic system. He has been in treatment for the past two years, and while it has been a daunting journey, he’s taken everything in great stride. He’s never let cancer hinder his love of life. He even celebrated his 21st birthday by taking “apple juice shots” with his nurses at midnight!

This Colorado young man LOVES soccer! He enjoys watching all the leagues, but his favorite team is the LA Galaxy as they have many Mexico National Team players that speak Spanish. He watches soccer any chance he gets and even plays soccer in the hallways of the hospital!

Despite his battle with cancer, Jesus’ love of soccer has only grown. This incredible young man’s ultimate Dream would be to attend his first professional soccer match with the LA Galaxy!

Jesus's Dream

This Dream Experience kicked off with a surprise at Jesus’ home where he learned his Dream would be coming true! Jesus was gifted with a custom jersey and pair of cleats, which he was so excited about. Upon arrival in LA, the crew headed to the Westdrift Manhattan Beach where Jesus was greeted by several members of the staff and had a gift basket waiting for him in his roo.! The staff also took the time to write him inspiring messages in a journal that Jesus spent over half an hour reading. After dinner, Jesus couldn’t wait to go down and see the ocean for the first time! He was so excited he immediately ran into the water fully dressed!

Thursday started by heading to Dignity Health Sports Park to hang out with the LA Galaxy! First, Jesus toured the stadium with the Galaxy’s mascot, Cozmo! He got to go out onto the field and take it all in. Then it was off to meet Coach Greg Vanney and sign his one day, player contract. The Galaxy staff even set up a personalized locker for Jesus with his own set of jerseys, training kits, new shoes, and a team backpack.

Jesus got a tour of the kit room where he met the men responsible for making the jerseys for every game. They heard that his favorite player was Chicharito and immediately took his jersey from the last game off the rack and gave it to Jesus! Coach Greg also pulled out his phone and called Chicharito so that Jesus could Facetime with him. Jesus was so excited and kept talking about how no one would ever believe that he got to speak with him!

Then it was off to breakfast with the team where Jesus got to meet the players for the first time! He got to sit and interact with them one on one before heading out to training. At training, Jesus was just another member of the team! He got to wear one of the GPS devices that monitors your vitals and speed and participated in their warm ups and drills. After training was over, the entire team signed his new home and away jerseys.

After spending his morning with the LA Galaxy, it was time to head to Calo Kitchen + Tequila for lunch. The staff decorated a special table for Jesus and he even got to meet the manager and chef! Calo serves authentic Mexican food, which Jesus and his family were so excited about. His aunt said it was just like she was eating at home.

In the evening, the Dream Team headed to Dodgers Stadium to watch the Los Angeles Dodgers game! Jesus has never been to a baseball game before and he got to hang out on the field during batting practice. He met and got signatures from both Miguel Vargas and David Peralta. The magic really happened though when Jesus met the Dodgers Manager, Dave Roberts. Dave is a Hodgkin’s Lymphoma survivor and when he heard that Jesus was currently undergoing treatment for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, he had to come over and meet him. Dave spent so much time sharing his wisdom with Jesus and letting him know how strong and brave he is. Jesus left that conversation filled with so much hope and was inspired knowing that Dave has lived so much life after battling cancer and that Jesus will too.

After that it was time to head to their seats. It was bobblehead night and our new friend with the Dodgers, Mark, surprised Jesus by bringing him several of the past bobblehead give aways! The Dodgers won the game and it’s safe to say that Jesus had the best time at his first baseball game.

To say Jesus had an INCREDIBLE time at the LA Galaxy game the next night would be a massive understatement!

Jesus arrived in style to the game thanks to Crown Limousine L.A. This was Jesus’ first professional soccer game and he was so excited and really took in every moment! Before warm ups, Jesus got to stand in the tunnel and shake the players hands as they headed out. And when we say the players, we mean EVERY SINGLE Galaxy player. They all recognized Jesus and were so excited to see him. They all made sure to stop at him. Then, Jesus got to watch the team warm up right behind the goal.

The team had the best seats in the house to watch the game and Jesus cheered every minute! When the final whistle blew and the Galaxy took a 3-1 victory, he looked at our Dream Leader, Maddi, and said “Dream accomplished!” But it didn’t stop there! Nothing could have prepared us for what came next.

Jesus got to go BACK into the players tunnel and congratulated the players as they headed back in. Next thing we know, Coach Vanney is leading Jesus back down the tunnel to the locker room with the players. Jesus gave the team their post match speech and celebrated the win with them, taking selfies and dancing in the locker room! Efraín Álvarez even took off his jersey and gave it to Jesus. It was a completely unexpected and amazing experience!

We truly cannot thank the LA Galaxy, the LA Galaxy Foundation, the players, and the coaching staff enough for all that they did for Jesus! It was a Dream Experience beyond our wildest imaginations. Like Jesus said, “Dream accomplished!”

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