Meet Karter

Meet Karter! This 13-year-old is an inspiration to everyone he meets. Karter’s biggest passion in life is basketball and despite his challenges, he doesn’t let anything stop him from working to achieve his dreams!

Karter was born with clubfoot, hip dysplasia, and an undiagnosed condition that causes his knees to dislocate constantly due to the unusual shape of his bones. Karter was never supposed to be able to walk, but at age 2 he underwent experimental surgery on his feet which allowed him to start walking. Since then, he’s had 9 surgeries to help him as he learns to walk and try to run without pain. Doctors still don’t know what the cause of this is, but Karter continues to fight to find a cure to ease his pain and someday play basketball.

Since he can’t currently play basketball, Karter serves as the Team Manager for his middle school team. When he’s not with his middle school team, he’s cheering for his favorite NBA team, the Golden State Warriors. The team reminds Karter of his own personal strength and continuous fight to succeed.

Karter’s ultimate sports dream will come true when he has a Dream On 3 experience at a Golden State Warriors game!