Meet Lucy

Thirteen-year-old Westminster, CO native Lucy Roane is a compassionate teen who cares deeply for her peers. She loves to compete in gymnastics and is always the first student to raise her hand to help others. Lucy is living with the daily challenges of anxiety and she is learning how to navigate those emotions. Despite the difficulties that life has presented her, she lives each day with a smile on her face and song in her heart!

When Lucy is not in the gym practicing her gymnastics skills and routines, you can find this sweet kiddo in the kitchen because she loves to bake! She also loves to jam to the tunes of Taylor Swift and Harry Styles or watch anything that is Marvel or Disney-related. In lockstep with Lucy being such a compassionate, caring soul she dreams of one day being a gymnastics coach or an FBI agent, so she can help others.

Lucy looks up to professional gymnasts because of their dedication to the sport. She greatly admires their confidence and how in tune they are with their bodies, abilities, and strengths. Having the opportunity to meet a professional gymnast would be a sports dream come true for Lucy… so, let’s get to work to make this dream a reality!

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