Meet Nic

Meet Nicolas, a passionate and inspirational 17- year-old from Davidson, NC! After living with unexplainable pain he finally received the diagnosis of Ewings Sarcoma in 2020. Nicholas immediately turned to God for his strength and placed full trust in his faith. Due to his life-altering condition, Nicolas lost the range of motion in his right arm; resulting in him having to give up the game he loved…football. However, his last game was unforgettable and gifted him with a memory that will last a lifetime. During that last game, as a free safety, Nicolas read the offense with confidence and ended the game with a legendary interception!

Prior to the diagnosis, Nicolas loved wrestling and playing backyard football with his brothers. He would even do Tim Tebow’s signature touchdown celebration when scoring. Now, Nic’s life goal is to become an Episcopal Priest because he has a passion for declaring the love of God. Connecting with Tim Tebow and sharing their heart for the game is the ultimate sports Dream for Nicolas.

Nic's Dream

Dream Kid Nic, who is currently battling ewing sarcoma, spent the weekend with his idol, Tim Tebow thanks to Tim and our friends at the Tim Tebow Foundation.
Tim invited Nic and his family to be his special guests at this year’s Southeastern Conference Championship. The foundation planned an incredible weekend in Atlanta where the family spent three days making memories that will last a lifetime.

Dream Snapshots