Phineus's Dream

Meet Phineus

Phineus Jacobs is a 12- year-old from Hendersonville, NC who encourages everyone around him. After being diagnosed with a brain tumor as only a little guy, life changed. The news came in the middle of football season, immediately halting his participation and any other activity. Although the brain tumor was removed, his medical issues have remained and he continues to battle Epilepsy, a seizure disorder, daily.

Phineus visits the hospital frequently for tests and seizure control, causing him to miss around 100 days of school a year. Also challenging, the seizures prevent him from joining his five brothers on the field to play his favorite sport…football. Despite that frustration, Phineus remains the “life of the party” and is still his siblings biggest cheerleader (and coach) on the sidelines. Even at his young age, Phineus takes nothing for granted and lives life to the fullest – no matter what comes his way!

When asked about his sport’s dream, he quickly replied that he would like to meet Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs! Wearing a smile that lights up a room, he explained that Mahomes is his favorite player because of how he plays, his passion for the sport and because he wins! He has dubbed Mahomes the high honor of being named “The Goat of Football!”

Phineus's Dream

Dream Kid Phineus had no idea he was a Dream Kid until Thursday night thanks to Lockton Companies. Next thing Phineus knew, it was Dream Day, which was revealed to him during a school-wide assembly at Apple Valley Middle School Friday morning. In front of the school, Phineus learned that his The Kansas City Chiefs Dream would be coming true NOW!

Dream Kid Phineus was not only on-site for The Kansas City Chiefs big win over the Raiders during the 10/10 Monday Night Football matchup, but Phineus was also able to meet his idol, Patrick Mahomes!

After receiving a behind-the-scenes tour of the stadium from Gary Spani, former Chiefs linebacker and current Director of Special Events, Phineus and his family watched warmups from the field. Here, they met a number of members of the Hunt family and were personally greeted by Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce!

While in Kansas City, Phineus also enjoyed a behind the scenes tour of the Royals stadium and time at Topgolf. A big thank you to our friends at Lockton Companies for sponsoring this incredible experience for Phineus and his family!

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