Referral Partners

Our Process

We partner with hospitals and nonprofit children’s organizations in the Carolinas, Georgia, the Rocky Mountain area and the DC Metro area. We rely on our partners as our source for identifying potential Dream Recipients. This protocol ascertains medical eligibility and sports interest, so we can be sure our programming is the best fit for Dream On 3 and the child.

Who Are Referral Partners?

Our Dream Kids are typically recommended to us by their treating physician, child life specialist or social worker. These individuals spend many hours with the child and learn much more about them than just their diagnosis. When they learn they have a sports enthusiast who meets our criteria, they contact us!

For More Information

If you are the parent or guardian of a child that meets our medical criteria, please contact your healthcare team or child life specialist and they can assist you with the next steps.

Carolinas and DMV Referral Partners/Information:

Rocky Mountain Referral Partners/Information: