Collegiate Dream Teams

Across College Campuses Nationwide

This program works with students on college campuses across the U.S. to lead and make a sports dream come true while rallying an entire campus and community in support of a deserving recipient.

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The Purpose

The deeper objective is always to help the Dream Recipient realize that, with a team, they never have to face their challenges alone. In the process, college students will work to make a sports dream come true on their campus.

The Process

We understand that each university, campus and student body is unique. We provide a curriculum to help guide the process however, we work with students to customize an experience that’s representative of their school’s culture. From selecting student team leaders and assembling a Dream Team to making the dream come true, we’re there to assist from start to finish.

Making a difference

College students will work as a team in creating, planning and hosting fundraising events, marketing strategies, relationship building with their chosen Dream Kid, and participate in the planning and execution of a Dream Experience.

This unique program offers students a way to work together with fellow colleagues, to grow personally and professionally all while creating making a sports dream come true for a deserving individual!

Collegiate dream teams

Class of 2023-24

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