Brody's Dream

Brody's Dream

Dream Kid Brody Dream Kid Brody

Dream Kid Brody

About Brody

Name: Brody

Lives with: Sever aplastic anemia

Hometown: Belmont, NC

Favorite Sport: football

Brody is an energetic, sweet, positive, and loving little 5-year-old boy from Belmont, NC who captured our hearts from the moment we met him. He is a huge sports fan and loves golf, football, and basketball. Brody likes the Clemson Tigers, but his favorite thing to do during the fall is watching the Carolina Panthers play!  Brody’s Dream is to “See the Carolina Panthers play and meet some of the players!”

On a “feeling good day,” aside from the fact that Brody has to wear a mask to protect his immune system, you might never know that he is sick. However, Brody faces challenges every day that most of us can never imagine. At two years old, Brody was diagnosed with SAA (Severe Aplastic Anemia). This means that his bone marrow doesn’t produce enough red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets to keep his body healthy.  This is a rare and serious blood disorder that only affects about 2 out of every 1 million people each year. Brody began treatments at Novant St. Jude Clinic and eventually received a bone marrow transplant.

All was well and Brody was returning to activities that are normal for most boys his age. Then, a few weeks ago Brody’s family received the devastating news that Brody had relapsed. Now they are preparing to battle this once again and although this news was not what his family wanted to hear, they remain positive and happy. They are #BrodyManStrong and so grateful he has an opportunity to live out his sports dream.

Brody learned his sports dream was coming true he was surrounded by his family, friends, and a few guys who know a little something about being tough – NFL athletes and even a few from his favorite team, the Carolina Panthers Players! Joe Maus and his team from the Joe Maus Foundation Celebrity Golf Tournament hosted Brody as the Guest of Honor. Brody enjoyed breakfast with the players, joking around. tossing the football and hitting some golf balls like a pro! He even left with a Carolina Panthers football signed by the players and some cool Dream On 3 gear.

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