Sport: Football


Meet Robert! This 16 year old from Charlotte, NC may be the biggest football fan you’ve ever met! Robert spends all of his free time


Meet Anderson, a high-spirited 17-year-old from Bethesda, MD. This ambitious teenager has the ability to brighten everyone’s day and is full of life. Anderson is


Meet Stormie! Just thinking about this fun-loving high school student will bring a smile to your face. Stormie loves being involved and being around others,


Meet Bryce! This energetic and fun loving 19-year-old from Indian Land, SC. Bryce seeks new experiences everywhere he goes and strives to find the joy


Meet Noah! This 14-year-old from Clover, SC is the definition of grit. Courage. Perseverance. Resilience. Noah faces obstacles with a passionate heart and shows unyielding


Meet Cole, a happy-go-lucky 16-year-old from Dallas, Texas! This young man loves to share encouragement and is known for always lending a helping hand. Cole


Meet Anderson, a charismatic 18-year-old from Beaufort, SC! As a rising high school senior, playing sports was all Anderson knew. Football, basketball, soccer…you name it,


Phineus Jacobs is a 12- year-old from Hendersonville, NC who encourages everyone around him. After being diagnosed with a brain tumor as only a little


Chandler is a friendly and compassionate 18-year-old from Vestavia, AL. This young man strives to have a positive impact on the world and always places


Meet Dorian, a cheerful and inspirational 7-year-old from Henderson, CO! After years of seizures, tests, and surgeries, Dorian’s condition is still undiagnosed but has been